Roel Hanssen 15-04-1969 - Artist from the south of the Netherlands, son of Eduard Hanssen, who successfully ran a gallery and framing business founded in 1937. Roel, growing up in the world of art, studied art history in Eindhoven. But most of his skills he learned from his father. Eduard himself has won a silver medal for framing on a European Championship in 1978. Roel successfully succeeded him by winning 2 times the gold medal in the Netherlands for design frames. As a designer and artist Roel followed his one way and he believes that music is the most beautiful piece of art ever created. Inspired by the music he paints, moulding his learned skills of the paint, the art and all his well-known techniques in to a symphony of lyrics and sound. Knowing that he will  never, for his mind can make a painting that the music will match, he will be trying untill he dies, inspired by the music and his emotion for it.

Harry van Rooij: "I once saw him, through the window, dancing in front of a painting he just finished, holding a bottle of beer. I came in the atelier, he looked back, smiled and said, "It is better to have loved and lost, than never have loved at all".  A band called  "Met Roossen" was blasting through the speakers... I never saw that painting again".

The art work of Roel Hanssen is presented succesfully through art galleries in the Netherlands, England, Switzerland. His design frames are limited sold all over the world.

Roel Hanssen The Movie

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